Diane Dahli is a teacher with twenty-four years teaching experience. She has a Masters in Curriculum Development, and has recently retired from teaching to develop this course. She has known Don Ollsin for three years, and has taken the Herbal Healing Journey as his student. She loves working with herbs, and grows several favorites in her sea side garden. Diane makes medicine using Don's methods, and does some herbal consulting.

Diane is devoted to supporting the ideals of Herbal Healing. She believes that education is the surest route to ensuring that the art of using Herbs will flourish. Diane is familiar with Ayurvedic Healing as well, having studied it for several years and experienced its healing power as a patient of Steve Cox. She sees the effectiveness of Herbs greatly enhanced when used within the framework of Ayurveda.

Although Dreambody and Shamanism are new to her, Diane embraced these methods of spiritual expression. She has been a meditator for twenty six years and accepts that she is on a continual journey of spiritual unfolding. She welcomes Ayurveda, Herbs, Dreambody and Shamanism as part of her spiritual experience.

Diane has been thrilled to have the opportunity to build this course, and invites you to join her and Don on this interactive Healing Journey.

For more information on this course contact Diane at: dahli@innerforce.net.